Crossy Road Review

If you are a fan of older games, then you have heard about Frogger, one of the most interesting and simplistic games in the world. Although simple, this one-of-a-kind game has conquered the life of people from all over the world with its great charm, and Crossy Road is a game that tries to redefine the Frogger experience while also maintaining the fundamental gameplay.

Crossy Road Android Game Review Screenshot

At its core, this Android game is an endless arcade hopper, developed by Hipster Whale and published in the Play Store by Yodo1Games, where your goal is rather simple, and that is to get as further as you can. But unlike other endless hoppers (or runners), Crossy Road provides you with a polished and highly immersive experience, one that you will appreciate right from the start.

The thing you will enjoy a lot in this Android game is the easy to use controls. Instead of having to deal with a wide number of control issues, this game brings you a polished and easy to understand set of controls.

In order to move forward, you just need to tap the screen, and you will advance with one block. If you want to go left or right, you will just need to swipe in the desired direction. This is easy to do and it just provides that simplicity that many of us are indeed looking in any type of game.

Crossy Road Android Game Review Screenshot 2

The incentive is to go as further as possible in the game world, because the further you go, the more coins you will be able to receive.

These coins provide you with the necessary means to purchase more characters. You can get coins as you play or you can opt for an in-app purchase that will provide complete access to all characters immediately. Still, most of the characters cost 100 coins, so it’s not hard to get them at all.

Crossy Road brings various terrains and levels as you play, but the best part about this is that they are chosen randomly. The things you need avoid during gameplay sessions are varied as well, and include things such as trains, cars or sometimes you will need to cross rivers too.

Crossy Road Android Game Review Screenshot 3

Dodging traffic and exploring the level, while also creating a strategy that will help you get further is the heart and soul of this game, and you will appreciate the title for sure. This Android game is funny too, since its characters are cute and filled with 8-bit nostalgia.

In fact, the whole graphical style of Crossy Road makes you nostalgic, as everything has a retro vibe, from the characters, animations and the game worlds themselves. Going through this game is just plain fun, and the simplistic gameplay will make you play over and over.

All in all, Crossy Road is a highly rewarding and addictive title that manages to provide a wonderful experience without requiring too much effort. It’s nice, and filled with replayability and you will enjoy it for sure.



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