Draw a Stickman: Epic Review

Draw a Stickman: Epic is a sequel to the series of stickman games from Hitcents, including Draw a Stickman and Draw a Stickman Episode 2. This Android game follows the same gameplay mechanic where you have to create your own stickman by drawing it out and lead it through a whimsical world.

Draw a Stickman Epic Android Game Screenshot

You start the game by drawing your character. Thereafter, you’ll be briefed on the controls. Simply tap on the destination you want to go. Next, you’re back on the drawing panel to give the protagonist some company. As soon as you finished drawing your friend, he/she will be captured by another stick man jumping inside a storybook that comes to life. The levels are presented in the book and you must finish all of the stages to take a crack at rescuing your buddy.

Draw a Stickman Epic Android Game Screenshot 2

In each level, you are given access to different crayons which represent various elements like fire, clouds, key, axe, etc. You can draw a fire to ignite a bomb that will let blast off obstacles; you can draw a cloud to start a rain, or a dark cloud to strike a lightning to revive a monster, a key will help you unlock gates, and axe will let you cut down trees, etc. The interactions are limited, however, as there are certain ways to follow to kill an enemy. You can’t just build a fire and set a dragon on fire as it has protective skin. Wait for it to blow a fire of its own and pounce on the opportunity to burn its belly (its weak spot). As for the dynamite, make sure to have a lot of distance or you’ll get blown to pieces. Look for the yellow warning sign to know the safe distance. Some of the stages are simple while some involves more thinking on your part. Aside from finding the next exit, you need to look out for puzzle pieces and pages scattered around the level.

Draw a Stickman Epic Android Game Screenshot 3

I have a few concerns about some of Draw a Stickman: Epic’s gameplay mechanics. The drawing works well but the movement is sometimes awkward. There was an instance that I walked over a boulder, bypassing the actual road. Also, it might not be as open ended as the first games of the series but it is still intricately designed. Further, it may take some trial error to figure out what to do to advance.

Draw a Stickman Epic Android Game Screenshot 4Nonetheless, Draw a Stickman: Epic is still a fun adventure to play. This Android game has well designed puzzles and the drawing mechanic makes it unique. The game was included in the previous Humble Bundle but if you missed out on it, you can get the free version to try out the first few levels first. If you liked what you see, you can get the paid version for $1.99.

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