Monster Dash Review

Endless running games have a theme and audience of their own. As time passed, however, they started to diversify and became more and more appealing to other audiences as well. One of the main incentives when it comes to playing such a game is its simplicity, as well as the appeal and the continual need to level up and gain new powers.

Monster Dash Android Game Review Screenshot

Monster Dash from Halfbrick Studios, the team behind Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, is a game in this genre that takes all the ideas presented above and brings them in a package that is easy to play. You play the role of a hero that needs to defeat the enemies and overcome all the dangers in order to free the land. The idea is pretty simple, and so is the gameplay.

You need to run as far as you can, and you can press the buttons located in the left and right corners of the screen in order to either jump or shoot. As you progress through the game, you will be able to find a wide range of interesting guns and power-ups at your disposal. These are presented in crates and these will provide you with unlimited ammo or numerous other bonuses.

Monster Dash Android Game Review Screenshot 2

While in the level you can also collect other items, such as hearts that will enable you to extend the life bar and get better results. Sometimes, you can even find some tools that will help you recover from damage, so there are various incentives to keep you from playing.

What makes this Android game good is the fact that each 1000 miles you cover, you will always get transported to a new environment, which has its own music and scenery, as well as themed monsters too.

Monster Dash Android Game Review Screenshot 3

Based on our experience with the game, Monster Dash is an intense yet highly repetitive game, but repetition is not a problem, because there are plenty of incentives here. Leveling up and killing the bad guys is indeed one of them, and the more you play, the more you will realize that the game becomes addictive which is one of its major strengths.

Also, this Android game is a polished title with lots of interesting features. The graphics are good, and so are the neat and fun gameplay elements such as animations and jumping. The enemies and the overall character design is stellar, and all in all you just feel that this is a good game to come back to if you want to pass on some time.

Monster Dash Android Game Review Screenshot 4

Filled with action, a good progression system and a lot of potential, Monster Dash is a good example at how a simplistic game can become a masterpiece. This is one game that can easily be played for a few minutes or even hours, it’s up to you. There’s always something to make you feel like progressing, so you will definitely enjoy every bit out of this experience.


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