Bingo Bash Review

Bingo is one of the most relaxing games that you can play. Thankfully, there are numerous mobile games that allow you to engage in such activity. Bingo Bash, an Android game from GSN Games, is definitely one of the most appealing ones as it provides you with a variety of boards as well as an exciting gameplay filled with bonuses and unique rewards.

Bingo Bash Android Game Review Screenshot

Right after entering the game you will immediately see that Bingo Bash offers you with a unique set of interesting boards. From a simple Sphinx board to the Palm Islands, Canyons or the Wheel of Fortune bingo, you have a plethora of boards to choose from. However, at first, you will only be able to work with a few, something that is understandable if you take into consideration the fact that this bingo game comes with its own leveling system.

Yes, each time you play Bingo Bash and win/lose you will receive a certain amount of XP that will gather in time and help you level up. Many boards have level restrictions, so playing often does have its rewards.

Bingo Bash has a brand new room themed after America’s #1 Game Show – Wheel of Fortune. You can now play the #1 Bingo game on the world famous Wheel of Fortune stage. Get a chance to win bonuses with the Wheel of Fortune Spin To Win mini game. Personally, I’ve tried the Wheel of Fortune room and it’s more challenging than the others. Do you have what it takes to score a bingo and get your much deserved payout?

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Bingo Bash also comes with its own in-game currency, two in fact, which are the bingo balls and the money. These can be used to acquire new boards or in-game bonuses that will allow you to capture bonuses quickly.

The gameplay in Bingo Bash is simple, exactly how you would picture a bingo game to be. The announcer’s voice is good and the bingo board has some neat visuals which enhances your experience overall, and in the end, this is all that matters.

Bingo Bash comes with its own shop and numerous mini-games that provide a variety of bonuses, so as a whole it manages to be much more than your normal bingo game. Calling bingo, using the wheel of fortune and trying to defeat others is interesting, but what we liked the most is the fact that you can use power-ups in the game, just by pressing a button in the upper right after you made enough taps. Thankfully, that bar loads up fast, so you can add bonuses often.

Bingo Bash Android Game Review Screenshot 3

The game also gives you the ability to chat with your friends, something that you will surely enjoy. Chatting and talking with others is a great way to make new friends, and in this game you can congratulate others or taunt them, depending on the situation. You do get a login bonus each time you play, and all in all, the game will always manage to surprise you one way or another. You always feel that sense of accomplishment as you play and you are always rewarded for your actions.

There are 13 different games to score a bingo, and you can get a variety of collection items while playing. All of these add up in order to bring you an exciting experience. This is exactly what Bingo Bash is all about – it enables you to have fun with your friends and family. If you are looking for a relaxing game, then Bingo Bash is the better choice you can make.


Price: FREE


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