Bubbly Walrus Review

Bubbly Walrus is an Android game from F and J Estudio Digital Ltda. It is more of an educational game that teaches kids how to solve math problems in a fun way. Not only the young ones will enjoy this fast-paced game as even those young at hearts will find this title worthy of their time.

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They say that practice makes perfect and math is no different. Bubbly Walrus’ main goal is to help kids hone and polish up their math skills as they progress through a number of stages. There’s also a cool storyline behind the game where you need to assist Walrus to rescue his special someone from the hand of the bad guys. If you’ll look closely, the level setting will mirror Walrus’ quest to save his loved one. Further, watch out for the boss fights. This feature allows players to overlook that they are actually playing an educational game.

Bubbly Walrus starts out with simple gameplay mechanics. The first few levels will introduce you to that kind of gameplay where everything will be explained via a brief tutorial. It lets you become aware of what to expect in the upcoming stages.

Bubbly Walrus Android Game Review Screenshot

Mostly, the game requires you to drag a numbered bubble into a circle to clear the playing field, solving multiplication and multiples problems. It may sound easy but I assure you it’s not, especially when you are pressured by time and the screen gets hectic with a lot of bubbles and numbers packed on the screen. Every level varies sparingly in terms of animation and sometimes the gameplay has a slightly different approach. For example, in one of the boss fights, you need to tap on the armor of a gorilla to make him vulnerable and open his chest where it contains the circle. Since the levels are timed, you need to think quickly on your feet. The faster you finish a stage, the higher your score will be and you will be graded up to three (3) stars depending on your performance.

Watch out for power-ups in a form of special bubbles. These boosters would help you get through a level: Blue Thunder Bubble, will eliminate all the odd numbers; Colored Bubble, will help you make the match through drag and drop; Scissors Bubble, will come in handy in the later levels where you need to split the bubble in half; and Freeze Bubble, will freeze all the elements on the playing area.

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Some may be turned off by the social media integration implemented within the game. Assuming you complete a stage without any mistakes, you will be given a collectible card. It is saved to the photos/pictures folder of your device. My advice is to just turn off the Social Media Connection on the settings if as a parent you do not want your kids to wander away from the Bubbly Walrus game. If you embrace social media though, you can see your Facebook friends on the map or you could simply challenge them if they can beat your score.

Overall, Bubbly Walrus is an educational game that is fun to play and may become addictive. Practice and improve your math skills with this Android game. For $1.99, it’s challenging enough, has plenty of content, and has progressive difficulty. Even though it may be suited for kids who are just learning to play around with numbers, adults (parents and teachers alike) can enjoy this as well.

from: http://gamesreviewer.net/

Price: $1,99


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