Evolution – Multiplayer FPS Review

The multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) scene has taken quite a lot to evolve, especially on computers, but even now we rarely see new mobile games that tackle with this sort of idea. There are numerous reasons behind this, and one of them is definitely the clunky set of controls that we usually get, and how hard it actually is to kill an enemy.

Evolution - Multiplayer FPS Android Game Review Screenshot

Evolution – Multiplayer FPS is an Android game from FreezeNova that tries to make things right by pitting us in a classic situation: multiple players are located in a large level where they need to do one thing – kill each other. You can play with the AI in missions, or you can try to engage in battles against humans in the so called rooms that you can join or create at your own pace.

Loading and creating new matches is quite easy, and we didn’t encounter a problem at all. Not only that, once you enter the game you will receive a familiar look, as the game does resemble Quake titles to some extent. You will get right into the gameplay, so you need to watch your team and enemies on the map, then use your gun to shoot and destroy everyone. Right from the start you will see that Evolution – Multiplayer FPS has some decent controls, but even these seem to be awkward at times. Still, it doesn’t take away much from the beauty and uniqueness of the game.

There aren’t that many game modes available, however, most people here seem to be playing either death match where every person is for himself, or team death match (TDM) in which cooperation with your team is essential if you want to get the job done quickly.

Evolution - Multiplayer FPS Android Game Review Screenshot 2

Moving is also a little hard to perform, and because of that you do tend to encounter a variety of problems. While moving forward is easy, rotating is a nightmare sometimes, especially if you play on a phone with small resolution, as you might accidentally touch the fire button.

On the other hand, there are good things in Evolution – Multiplayer FPS as well. There are a variety of weapons which you can use at all times, such as combat knives, light pistols, rocket launchers and machine guns.

Although the interface does look quite nice and overall the game does manage to implement the buttons nicely, they weren’t able to scale it properly on those devices with lower resolutions, which clearly suggest that the game was developed with tablets in mind.

Evolution - Multiplayer FPS Android Game Review Screenshot 3

The retro look of these graphics is exciting and fresh, not to mention that in general, the game does provide that intense, gravity filled appeal. It’s nice to engage an alien in battle, but the controls, not your skill, might stand in the way of performing a kill, which is really unfortunate to be honest.

Despite some control problems, Evolution – Multiplayer FPS can become an enjoyable experience when you get accustomed with the controls. As we said, doing things right on Android and killing the enemies the right way is hard, but in the end it’s all about making each kill satisfying, and Evolution – Multiplayer FPS definitely nails it in this regard. It’s a good Android game, a thrilling experience and one you might want to try out often.

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