Little Alchemist Review

When you enter the world of Little Alchemist, you get surprised by the variety that this freemium card game provides. This free-to-play role-playing game from Kongregate perfectly combines spell crafting with other interesting elements such as strategic combat.

Little Alchemist Game Review Screenshot for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad

In Little Alchemist, your goal is to explore a town in order to ultimately become a master alchemist. You will have to engage a wide range of enemies in battle and use whatever combination of spells in order to be successful.

At first, you will be given a starter deck composed of 35 cards. Then, you will choose a skill (direct damage, attacker or healer). In the beginning, you will play against the AI but as you progress you will be able to play against the deck of other players. Per turn, you can play one card. If your card though can make a combo together with another card, then you can play it. Usually, combos are more powerful. Thereafter, the attack and defense of your card will be compared to that of your opponent, whoever has the advantage will result in a damage to the counterpart.

You do need to collect spells in order to use them, and this is a very tedious job right from the start. Not only collecting them is tricky, but so is combining them, because the combinations can prove to be disastrous sometimes. The game has around 300 different spells to collect, so there’s a very high number of assortments that you can make.

Little Alchemist Game Review Screenshot 3 for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad

The battles are very exciting and each one of the cards can be upgraded as well. You might not receive the flashy graphics that can be found in other card battlers but rest assured that the gameplay value is there and the game is good at what it does.

If you think that the normal campaign is not enough, there’s always the Arena where you can battle rivals and friends alike in your quest for supremacy and better results. If it’s still not enough for you, then you can always try to customize the spell book in any way you want and bring new avatars to the table, as you have a wide variety of choices at your disposal whenever you need them.

Graphics in Little Alchemist are interesting. This nice little free RPG has a hand drawn graphics style. Sure, they might not have the high quality of other similar games, but I respect the fact that they are hand-crafted, as this shows the amount of passion and commitment that the developers placed into the creation of this title.

Little Alchemist Game Review Screenshot 2 for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad

There are in-app purchases just like in any free-to-play title but it doesn’t diminish the value of the game. You can earn more cards simply by playing. You just need to be patient and grind out some games to get better packs.

Don’t be afraid to try out Little Alchemist. This is a fun freemium card game that might seem a little rough on the edges, however, the quality is there and you will be surprised by the results.


Price: FREE


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