Trivia Crack Review

rivia Crack is a fun trivia game where its main purpose is to put your knowledge to the test. This asynchronous multiplayer game from Etermax will let you battle it out with other players from all over the world.

Trivia Crack Game Review Screenshot for iOS, iPhone, iPad, AndroidUpon installing this game, you can immediately challenge opponents (or friends) to a duel. The interesting thing here is that players are chosen randomly, based on the level you have. As soon as the challenge is accepted, the contestant will start off the round by spinning on a wheel which can settle on one of the six categories, or better yet a quick pass to the challenge round. Once that is done, you will receive the question. Each of the questions gives you 30 seconds to answer. The good thing here is that the game comes with thousands of questions, even the community can add new ones, so you will never have two identical game sessions.

Trivia Crack Game Review Screenshot 2 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, AndroidYour goal is to continuously answer every question correctly. After three consecutive right answers, you will earn the pass to get into the challenge round where you could win the category’s prized crown. As soon as you collect all of the crown from each category, you will be declared the winner. Just make sure to keep on answering correctly as it will give you much needed coins, the in-game currency that you can use on precious power-ups (second chance, multiple choice filter, etc.).

Each player has a limited set of lives that automatically refill over time or you can purchase new ones with the help of in-app purchases.

Trivia Crack Game Review Screenshot 3 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, AndroidWhen it comes to the questions’ quality, I can say that it is well thought out and they always bring new challenges into the mix. Be it sports, art, history or geography, the questions are varied and it’s good to test your overall knowledge on these topics. There are helpful tools that cost a few coins each.

Graphically, Trivia Crack is colorful and appealing. The animations are lovely and suitable for the overall theme of the game.

Trivia Crack Game Review Screenshot 4 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, AndroidIn summary, Trivia Crack is an exciting new trivia game that does a ton of things right. It has an engaging turn-based gameplay and it has a player-friendly micro-transaction system to boot. Download it now on your iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android device!

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