WWE Immortals Review

Having a wrestling-based game is not something you see often even though wrestling is popular all over the globe and superstars have a great reputation. However, the mobile platforms have to suffer when it comes to getting their own wrestling games. Thanks to Warner Bros. International EnterprisesWWE Immortals though, it seems that things tend to kick up a notch and they have changed the gear to the next level.

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The idea in this Android game is really simple, you need to create a team of around 3 superstars from the WWE roster and then use them in order to engage a similar team. The gameplay here is pretty much the same as Injustice: Gods Among Us. In fact, everything that the game offers seems to be a WWE representation of that particular title.

In WWE Immortals, the superstars are actually seen as superheroes, with the Rock and John Cena for example having some amazing powers in pretty much hero-based costumes.

In the beginning of the game things start off with a cinematic that will explain the story, which is not that great to begin with, but it does offer us a lot of interesting locations to explore as well as a plethora of characters, each one with a unique design. The superhero versions of the WWE superstars are either close to their real counterparts, or in some situations they are actually funny as hell, especially in the case of Seamus for example which has an ancient druid version.

Character cards are split into gold, silver and bronze, with the golden ones being the most powerful out of those three. Your main goal in this Android game is to collect as well as upgrade as many cards as you can while playing, something that can feel grindy, but which in the end brings a ton of fun.

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As mentioned earlier, most of the things here are similar to Injustice, and battles are no different. You can choose the superstar you want out of the 3 available, and then tap on the enemy or swipe in a certain direction to attack. You can also block attacks, but the most important part of the experience is the use of power-ups, which load up often as long as you battle your enemies.

Special attacks bring a nice twist to the game experience, and the animations that they provide are fluid, which adds a lot to the experience. This wrestling game also strives to deliver realistic faces to all characters, so it’s easy to figure out which superstar is portrayed there, which is neat.

There are in-app purchases, but these aren’t necessary at first, although as you progress you do need as much money as possible in order to get better warriors such as Triple H, and they are quite expensive.

Levels in WWE Immortals are similar to the ones you can find in Injustice, which means that they are colorful and filled with interactivity. Overall, the visual design in this Android game is appealing, and the sounds here are good as well, with realistic fight sounds and some good tunes to listen as you play.

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In conclusion, WWE Immortals is a game that does a great job when it comes to fighting, but the fact that it borrows a lot of things from Injustice just makes the whole experience feel a little superficial. Still, this Android game has numerous things done right, such as the finishing moves of each superstar, great and engaging battles, as well as a ton of content that you can unlock. Overall, this is a great game to play on your phone or tablet, but if you already played Injustice then the experience might be way too similar for you to enjoy.

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