FreezeNova’s Billiard Review

One of the fun games that you can play in real life in order to relieve stress and pressure is definitely billiard which is also known as pool or pocket billiards to some. The best part about it is that you can play it with a friend. FreezeNova‘s Billiard tries to bring an exciting and action packed gameplay into the mix – and to its credit, it succeeds.

FreezeNova's Billiard Game Review Screenshot for Android

FreezeNova’s Billiard comes with a very simple main menu, where you can change your name, see the amount of coins that you have, the current high score and you can even change the icon. Talk about personalization.

Options-wise, the game provides you with the ability to play against the AI, play online against people from all over the world or you can engage in an informative training session. Even if you don’t know how to play pool, the game will do a stellar job when it teaches you the basics in billiard.

After finishing training, you could immediately check out the single player game mode. Most of the time, the AI seems to be decent but there are some instances that they will impress you with a few shots that are hard to pull off.

It’s nice to see how FreezeNova’s Billiard implements the rules of this game, but it also manages to add some of its own. For example, when you play you will automatically place a wager, and the winner will take the amount of coins. This is a clever way to implement the in-game currency and you do get some incentives as you play.

FreezeNova's Billiard Game Review Screenshot 2 for Android

Of course, the heart and soul of the game is in the online gameplay. Thankfully, during my game sessions with this title, there was no lag nor any performance issues, instead everything was perfect and because of that I had a stunning experience, to say the least. The only minor issue that I encountered is the game seems to be designed for tablets. Still, you can get past that and enjoy the game.

Graphically, FreezeNova’s Billiard is nice to look at. The animations are fluid and it bring things in your favor. Though there may be a few graphical bugs, it is so rare that it doesn’t really hamper the gameplay experience.

In conclusion, FreezeNova’s Billiard manages to provide you with a wonderful experience when it comes to playing pool. It’s a well-developed sports game that doesn’t include intrusive ads. Instead, it’s a good game to play and the fact that you can go head to head against other people online is a great bonus. It might not be the best billiard game on Android, but the 2D and 3D perspectives, as well as online play, and smooth graphics add up to create an impression.


Price: FREE


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