Odd Bot Out Review

The world we live in is an immense one and exploring it just feels natural for us. Odd Bot Out for iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android from Martin Magni tries to bring a similar idea into the mix. Although instead of controlling ourselves, in this game we are in control of a robot and a few other items, and we need to guide it to the end of the level as fast as possible.

Odd Bot Out Game Review Screenshot for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

What makes Odd Bot Out stand out is it isn’t just a simple adventure and exploration title. Instead, it also brings a multitude of challenges as well. The game is a contraption puzzle at heart and it comes with a number of encounters as you play. The puzzles usually require you to use your abstract thinking in order to find the best solutions.

As you expect, there are a ton of puzzles and some are harder to complete than the others. You need to create a rocket launch, build a bridge across a gap in order to cross or just use a centipede to explore the game world. Everything aforementioned, and so much more, is possible with the help of Odd Bot Out.

Odd Bot Out Game Review Screenshot 2 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

Although at first, the puzzles are based mostly on a few stuff and a companion in the form of a centipede, you can also combine wires, circuits, buttons, motors and a horde of other things together in order to complete the level. Odd Bot Out comes with a demo version, but if you like the game, you can buy the paid version and gain access to 90 different levels.

Controls in Odd Bot Out are interesting. All you need to do is to select the item you want to control by tapping on it, and if you want to move it, then just drag it in the desired direction. The whole process works seamlessly and it just makes you feel like the funny little character you control. Movement might be a little slow but in this game it builds momentum and makes the character shine.

Odd Bot Out Game Review Screenshot 3 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

Another interesting thing is that Odd Bot Out doesn’t really include any timers. Instead, you can stay and figure out the solution or just explore the level for as long as you want. This makes the game a lot more relaxing and appealing for players that just want to delve into the game world and have some fun.

Odd Bot Out might not have the fancy AAA graphics that you can find in other games nowadays but it’s a title that has a lot of character. This is a great, impressive game to play when you are on the go, but rest assured that it does get quite challenging as time passes, although with enough commitment you can solve even the hardest levels in the game. Check it out, this is one game you don’t want to miss, especially if you are looking for something exciting and different!

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