Pukka Golf Review

Many consider golf as being a sport of concentration, commitment and strategic movements. When you play on mobile, however, you can find some unique gameplay ideas that sometimes stray away from the original formula. This is the exact case of Pukka Golf, a physics-based golf game for iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android developed by Kabot Lab.

Pukka Golf Game Review Screenshot for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

As soon as you play, the game may strike a chord to that of Super Stickman Golf from Noodlecake Studios. Pukka Golf has a difference maker, though, you can whack the ball as it flies through the clouds. Luckily, you will be able to fully understand the game requirements without having to go through many tutorials. The game is very easy to pick up, and this is definitely its strong point.

The core idea in Pukka Golf is simple, you choose the direction in which you need the ball to be and hope for the best as you try to bring it closer and closer to the hole. Every round starts with a tee shot. Simply drag your finger to your preferred direction. If you are an Angry Birds fan, you can change the setting to “pull back”. The second you release your finger, watch how your ball sail away. Unhappy with the route your ball is going? Tap the ball and drag it to another course. Just watch out for hazards like water and make sure you do not get the ball out of bounds.

Pukka Golf Game Review Screenshot 2 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

The gameplay in Pukka Golf is fast-paced, and this can be also an advantage, because you will see the results fast and, if you fail, you can immediately go back again. The timer starts immediately after you hit the ball.

We like the fact that the levels are very creative and each one is actually different, requiring you to change your strategies as you play. Each level comes with its own goals (make par, sink the ball within the time limit, etc.) that will give you 3 stars – this will allow you to unlock new levels as you progress.Graphically, Pukka Golf has decent visuals including the level design.

Pukka Golf Game Review Screenshot 3 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

Pukka Golf features leaderboards but there is no multiplayer option. You may just have to live with having the bragging rights of a high score compared to others. There are also in-app purchases (IAPs) available. It is free-to-play until the first 50 stages with advertisements on the side. A one-time fee of $1.99 will get rid of the advertisements and unlock 100+ levels.

Pukka Golf is a great example of mini-golf done the right way on mobile. It is a fun and well-polished physics-based golf game for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

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