Clash of the Olympians Review

Clash of the Olympians, a game created by Ironhide Games (makers of Kingdom Rush for iOS and Flash) with some Go Greek! flavor.  It was originally made as a browser game, and is flashed based.  The Ironhide team decided to port it over to Android, as well as touch up the game the way they wanted the first time, creating the final product you see today.


Gameplay is pretty straight forward.  It’s a Tower Defense game.  You defend the “structure” while mobs charge at your castle and try to take it down.  You swipe around the screen to throw your weapon — bow, spear or random objects (Yes, Hercules!).  The game starts to get harder and harder down the road, with new mobs and their abilities.  It’s simple, fun and keeps you hooked.  The only problem I found was that the aiming was largely in-accurate and getting accustomed to the controls is difficult for a new-player.


The artis beautiful.  The same type of art we find from Ironhide Games, the quirky yet simplistic drawings make the game that much easier to enjoy.


The limited customizations the game allows — strength, stamina, weapon damage, etc. add a second layer to the gameplay, and make it enjoyable throughout most of the game, but lacks near the end.  By the end of the game, it is expected that you max all traits, which makes it kinda gimmicky.

The difficulty in the game is strange.  It seems that if you mess up the way you’ve built up your characters traits (stamina, might/strength, weapon damage) that it could set you back forever forcing you to start over.  Now choosing your hero matters very much as well, as I found Achilles (Spear guy) to be the best and most reliable, but the others to have fault somewhere down the road.  Hercules (throws random objects) failed at 10+, while Perseus (Bowman) fails at 10+ as well.

The replay-ability also lacks, because there are only 20 levels and 3 heroes — but face it, who wants to play the same 20 levels over and over?  The big problem with this also, is the limited customizations you can make on the hero.  They all fall down the same path either way.


Price :FREE


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