JumPo Review

In the world of arcade games for mobile, endless running games are one of the most exciting genres. The thing that makes these games unique and interesting is the sheer challenge that comes in front of the player at all times.

JumPo is more than just a simple arcade game with a lot of charisma. It’s a fun game for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android with a simple mechanic. You need to tap the screen in order to make the 3D ball jump over the obstacles in this endless running game from Xllusion.

JumPo - 3D Jump Ball Game Review Screenshot for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

You need to try and collect as many crystals as possible in order to level up, and that the more you get, the harder the game becomes. The gameplay is balanced because the obstacles in the form of spikes come in unique formations, so you always need to stay on your toes as you try to understand what will happen next. This thing alone makes JumPo dynamic and appealing at times.

Also, look out for the 3 types of power-ups you can get in this game, each one with a different color and effect. The yellow one makes you invincible, the green one brings a higher jump, and the blue one makes your jumps double.

The developer made this game to test your reaction time. Rest assured that the gameplay reflects that. Although the game has the same mechanic, you’ll always be challenged. Personally, I think JumPo is an interesting game that you have to install on your phone.

JumPo also does a great job as a time waster because you can play the game wherever you are. Whether you are waiting in line, on a bus ride, or in the comfort of your own home, you can simply pick up your phone and play the game.

JumPo - 3D Jump Ball Game Review Screenshot 2 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

It may have a simple gameplay but the combination of the challenging difficulty, enriches the gameplay experience. There is no need for tutorials. All you have to do is pay attention on the screen and you’ll learn the ropes in no time.

Graphics in JumPo may be simple but they did a great job in creating a wonderful game world with lots of appeal and interesting characteristics. The game looks good, it’s easy to play and in the end this is all that matters.

I was impressed after playing JumPo because it offers just what you would expect. Instead of making empty promises, this game delivers exactly what you want. I am happy with this title and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a free, fun and fast-paced game!

from: http://gamesreviewer.net

Price: FREE


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