ZiBo – 3D ZigZag Ball Game Review

Many of us just tend to get sick and tired of the same old AAA games with new releases and lots of sequel. ZiBo from Xllusion is an arcade game specifically created to help us in this regard.

ZiBo Game Review Screenshot for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

ZiBo is a simple, 3D endless ball runner game for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android, and it has a single game mechanic, but the good part about it, however, is the fact that everything is done right. The main idea is that this iPhone game offers you a massive, infinite zigzag world and all you need to do is to reach the furthest point possible. Rest assured that the game is not as easy as it sounds because you will need to hone your skills just to stay alive.

You will need to try and stay on the zigzag path for as much time as possible but, based on my experience, I have to say, it is challenging. Things get even worse because there are power-ups that will either help or make the job even harder for you. Simply put, there are boosters that will enhance your speed and make it even harder for you to complete the level.

Playing ZiBo is straight-forward because you just need to tap the screen to change the direction and gather crystals so that you can level up. Of course, upgrades are present in this iPad game, and each upgrade does manage to influence the game in one way or another. There are things that will affect the abilities of your ball including changing size and speed.

ZiBo Game Review Screenshot 2 for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

Overall, the graphics of ZiBo are nice yet simplistic. Don’t expect a large level or detailed stuff, but the game does focus on its gameplay. The soundtrack may be repetitive to some but since the game focuses on testing your reaction time and you will be concentrated on it most of the time, you may not notice listening to rhythmic music.

All the items and ideas in this game blend together seamlessly in order to create a good gameplay experience for gamers. It might not catch the interest and please the eye like an AAA Android game but there are many things to focus on here which will help you enjoy the game quite a bit.

I encourage you to check out ZiBo, it’s a well-polished reaction time tester which does manage to keep you playing for more and more due to the interesting level design and challenges.

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